Good Stuff has happened since I have been on the CDD board.

I have attended many of the CDD meetings before I became a board member. In the three and a half years I have been a board member I was able to accomplish many things. There are still things I have to do. With the bond issue still up in the air it will take someone with time and the experience to negotiate in the years ahead.

Before being a board member these things were suggested by me to the board.

  • Having the CDD board members email addresses available to the public. It happened.
  • When the restaurant lease was being discussed I gave input. After owning real estate for over twenty years I have the experience.
  • Offered my services to write and review the current lease. They were declined.

After becoming a board member I was instrumental in the following:

  • Liquidating old and unused equipment at our maintenance building.
  • Replacing the outdated pump station.
  • Helped repair one of the truck bed’s on our golf cart trucks. Saving the CDD money.
  • After an inspection the CDD needed to replace an exhaust fan in our fertilizer storage building. This was a safety concern.
  • Stopped the encroachment of a new commercial property owner into the preserve.
  • Grinding down the bad spots in the sidewalks owned by the CDD.
  • Took charge of the replacement of the bad sidewalks on the north side of Viera Blvd. I also included the VECA sidewalk at their expense. Resulting in a big savings to both organizations.
  • Replacement of the sink handles and faucets in the restrooms at Woodside Park.
  • Had mulch added to the playground at Woodside Park.
  • With Coronavirus in Brevard I requested that Woodside Park restrooms and the playground equipment be cleaned daily. It’s being done thanks to our dedicated staff. Now they are closed by the state for the safety of our children.
  • Requested a new bench be placed just south of the tunnel, Viera Boulevard overlooking the lake.
  •  I was the one board member that spoke to everyone at both bond hearings. I did hear what the public had to say. In December I redesigned the club house so we could reduce the bond by 1.9 million dollars. That would leave one million dollars for the club house renovation. This was voted on and passed by the board in May.

Listed below are items that I brought up and still needed to be pursued. You can check the CDD meeting minutes to validate these topics.

  • The method used to figure or allow comp rounds of golf. I have given comparables to the board as to how other local courses handle comp rounds and asked them to consider changes. Some changes have been made.
  • Reevaluating the associate memberships. I have given suggestions to the board as how it might be changed.
  • Requested the board consider increasing the amount of money that is put into the yearly reserve account.
  • Encourage the board to move forward on the bulk head replacements with or without the bond. I’m the lead person on this project for the board. The bid has been approved and were moving forward.
  • Suggested the board allow the public a time to speak at the workshop meetings. It is being considered.
  • On 1-21-20 I submitted for review to the board a drawing and information about costs related to the dog park. Additional information is being compiled.
  • Requested that our staff check out who might be living in the preserve. These person have been removed.
  • Try to set up golf cart repairs at the golf course parking lot or maintenance facility. The Viera East Golf Club could earn extra income from a vendor, plus would be convenient to golf cart owners. CDD liability was the question at hand. It worked successfully.
  • Following up on the conservation area burn or manual cut back. Scrub Jay nesting season is March 1 through June 30.
  • Gave a presentation to the board on a lakeside memorial to honor golfers who have died. They could purchase a brick similar to the zoo’s program. This would earn money for the golf coursee
  • Suggested a contest for children at Woodside Park. Chalk the Walk. We could get an outside business to sponsor this. I could write the rules. Due to the Covid 19 cannot be held at this time.
  • Requested new signage to show where the nature trail is at Woodside Park. They have been posted,
  • Instrumental in getting the nature preserve opened up for tours in conjunction with the Brevard Zoo. I tried to put this in the original bond almost two years ago to have a paved trail for the handicap. It a preserve so my request was denied.

With your vote I will be able to continue the good things for our community. Apart we will not get much done but together we will have one of the best places to live in Florida.

— Bill Oakley

Lets all have a great day in Viera East.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by William Oakley for Viera East CDD Supervisor Seat 4

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