Vincent Anella
  • I have known Bill Oakley for over six years. He attended many of the CDD meetings prior to being elected and I was the one that suggested he run for the board. I fully support his efforts and I think he has done an outstanding job representing our community.

Signed Vincent Anella — Served Eight years as Chairman of VECDD. Served as HOA President for Grand Isle, Summerwood at Suntree and Tortoise Island Communities Served USMC 1950-1954 Korean veteran.

George A. Demers
  • To all Community Development District Residents;
  • As a former Herons Landing resident and a past Chairman of the Resolution Committee it is a pleasure to recommend Bill Oakley for another term on your CDD Board.
  • Bill worked with me when I was Chairman of the Herons Landing resolution committee and was an exceptional addition to my committee. He was truly dedicated and determined to continue in maintaining CDD as one of the more exceptional home locations to reside in. I am confident that he truly has the best interest of all residents at the forefront while he is a member of your CDD and will continue to do so. He is deserving of your support for reelection.

Signed George A. DemersBrigadier General USAF Retired

Wilson Butler
  • My name is Wilson A. Butler, Jr retired Associate Executive Director with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.   My wife and I moved to Viera East from Maryland in1998 and continue to reside in that home.   In Government, as well as in private industry, there is always a need for intelligent, open minded, no-nonsense and committed individuals. Bill Oakley has these qualities and much more which is why I enthusiastically endorse his nomination as a CDD Board Supervisor for Seat 4 in the upcoming November 2020 election. 
  • As a former CDD Board Supervisor for Viera East, I feel proficiently qualified to pass judgment on the necessary requirements to continue to move our Board in the right direction over the next four years. We face some difficult challenges ahead. Much has been done to improve the value of our communities but much more is needed that will require experience and institutional communication to meet these challenges. 
  • For the past 3 1/2 years, Bill has demonstrated his commitment and knowledge of the issues by constantly voicing his concerns, some of which may have been unpopular with fellow board members. Never the less, he stood by his convictions. In other words, he is an independent thinker basing his decisions on what he thinks is best for the whole of Viera East.
  • I believe the CDD is in a much stronger position today largely because of public servants like Bill Oakley who care about helping and making a difference.   
  • I am honored to endorse Bill Oakley for a seat on the CDD Board of Supervisors. 

Signed Wilson Butler

Victoria Ireland
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing and interacting with Mr. William Oakley, not only as a neighbor, but as a true community activist. During the time while I served on Herons Landing HOA Board of Directors, Bill was always visible at the meetings and offered assistance whenever a situation arose that needed attention. Bill was an asset when it came to dealing with an agitated resident who insisted not to conform with the community covenants when it came to fences, among other issues. Bill was always the voice of reason and assisted with some conflicting issues by demonstrating logic and calm. During the course of his tenure with the Viera East CDD, many sensitive issues have come forward and observed that Bill took the time to speak with residents, one on one, to help them to understand the issues at hand. Not combatively or arrogance, but with knowledge and kindness. Bill’s visions and experiences are positive and enlightening. It’s evident by his passion and love for Viera, and I know with confidence he will do his best to see that we remain the very jewel we call home.

Signed Victoria Ireland 5781 Herons Landing Dr. Viera, FL.

Pastor Ron Meyr

I have known William (“Bill”) Oakley for over nine years now. Since the first day he moved to Viera he has been a tireless advocate of the community, its lifestyle and values, and its preservation and enhancement. Both as a neighbor and as a parishioner at the Faith Viera Lutheran Church I have counted it a privilege to know him and work with him on different projects and activities. He truly embodies the principle of “wisdom” – not just knowledgeable but using that knowledge in a productive way for the community and his neighbors.  I wholeheartedly endorse him for this important position of trust and know he will use his “wisdom” for the good of all.

Signed Pastor Ron Meyr Faith Viera Lutheran Church Viera Blvd.

David F. Hill
  • I have known Bill Oakley for over eight years.
  • I have known him as a friend, Vema Board member, CDD Board member, and watching his efforts as a CDD Board member.
  • Bill Oakley is a person that is serious about what he does and the members of the CDD are fortunate to have a person like Bill representing them.
  • Yes, some think CDD Board members only care about the Viera East Golf Course.  I’m here to share with you that is not the case with Bill Oakley. He cares about the entire CDD and doing what is right for all.
  • Do yourselves and all of us a favor and re-elect Bill Oakley to the CDD Board!

Signed David F. Hill Retired school teacher and administrator of 38 years Former Mayor of an Ohio City Current President of Vema.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by William Oakley for Viera East CDD Supervisor Seat 4

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